App Review Guard

As a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer of medical devices you are bound by national and international regulations addressing pharmacovigilance practices and the safety of medical devices, through appropriate standard operating procedures. 

If your company is hosting mobile applications which are available in app stores, you have an open communication channel which needs to be monitored according to stipulated guidelines.

We offer customised and economical solutions for these essential processes, which can help you manage this challenging area by automatically integrating reviews into your PV monitoring process. Our App Review Guard® abides by all applicable rules and regulations, including: 

·       The Medicines Act (Arzneimittelgesetz – AMG)

·       The Medical Devices Act and medical product safety scheme regulation (Medizinprodukte  Sicherheitsplanverordnung – MPSV)

·       Guideline on Good Pharmaceutical Practices (2012)

·       EU-Regulations 

·       Code of Federal Regulations (US Food And Drug Administration (FDA))

We invite you to benefit from our technical expertise and specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector.

Your advantages when choosing our services include:

Service Level Agreement: minimal effort and maximum safety
Full Service 24/7: hourly audit of incoming reviews
Email distribution
Compatible with Google, Apple and Windows stores
SAP connection
German data privacy laws
SOP conformity
Internationally deployable

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