'Mein CED' ('My IBD')

'Mein CED' - answers the most common questions about chronic inflammatory bowel diseases

On behalf of Takeda Pharma we developed the skill 'Mein CED' for Amazon Alexa. In addition to giving answers on the development and treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (CED), the skill also provides practical information on living with the disease, e.g. about sport, nutrition and pregnancy.

The innovative information channel is an enormous added value not only for patients. Takeda as a pharmaceutical company can also reduce the time and effort (costs) needed to answer inquiries from patients by implementing the most common questions about the disease.

Pharma Relations is also enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by language assistants for the pharmaceutical sector and places 'Mein CED' as a case directly as a cover story in its August 2018 issue.

And we think ahead: our framework can also be adapted to other indications. Do not hesitate to contact us!


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